Shamrocks with "Erin go Bragh" (9 Seals)

Shamrocks with "Erin go Bragh" (9 Seals)


This set includes 9 seals with your color of choice.


"Erin go Bragh" comes from the anglicized version of "Éire go Brách," which means "Ireland till the end of time." This tiny, sweet seal was handcarved and comes from the Victorian Era.


Each seal has an industrial grade adhesive backing. You can simply peel and stick on to your letter, card, gift or art work. Give a firm press to ensure the seal adheres strongly.

Seal Color
  • Outer Envelope or Hand Cancelling Recommended

    You can use an outer envelope to protect each seal or hand cancel. If you hand cancel at the post office, your envelope will avoid electric sorting machines, which can crush and melt seals. During COVID, I recommend just using an outer evenlope anyway; so you don't need to go to the post office. See FAQs for more tips.