Frequently asked questions

Wax Seals

How do these seals work?

Each seal has a strong adhesive backing. You can easily peel and stick your seal on cards, letters, gifts and more. Once you place your seal, press firmly to seal the adhesive.

Do you create custom seals?

I don't create any modern seals but I have an option for custom carved intaglios if you'd like a traditonally carved seal. For more information, simply write me through the contact page.

What are wax seals made of?

The wax seals are made of a flexible material so that they can hold up in the mail. The wax is made of the highest quality ingredients in North America and doesn't use any incgredients from China. (Often Chinese waxes have paraffin, which is quite soft and doesn't have the same sheen).

How do I send a wax seal on a letter?

If mailed on the oustide of a letter, the post office charges an extra 21¢. Usually, I recommend hand cancelling your cards and letters so that they won't go through sorting machines. During the COVID pandemic, I recommend just using an outer envelope so you don't need to go to the post office to hand cancel your mail.

Do wax seals require additional postage?

Usually a seal adds 21¢ for hand cancelling. This protects the seal from sorting machines and damage in the mail. I recommend using an outer envelope to ensure that the seal stays intact.