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About Kathryn Hastings & Co.

In a time when we need letter writing more than ever, KH & Co provides the highest quality stationery and antique wax seals.

It all started with a dollar bill and a piece of bubblegum. My grandmother Neenie introduced me to the art of letter writing. Every time I wrote her, she replied with a beautiful card, her loving words, a dollar bill and a piece of bubblegum. I loved how a simple folded piece of paper seemed to close the distance between us. I was hooked.
My antique seals date from the 1700s and 1800s. Just like the people who created them, I’m a steward who enjoys them for a while until they’re passed to someone new. In the meantime, these seals won’t collect dust in a drawer; they beckon to travel the world on envelopes, to be shared, admired and loved.
Lord Byron once wrote, “All who joy would win must share it. Happiness was born a Twin.” I intend for my boutique to share my joy with you, and allow you to pass your joy on to others – to share your own creativity, beauty and love.
Neenie has since passed, but her cards continue to fold the distance between us. I remember the dollar bill, the piece of bubblegum, and the joy of love sent through the mail.


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